Brian Kennish

Awards & achievements


Google featured app

Android top-300 free tool app

Android top-500 grossing tool app


Disconnect Kids

Webby honoree, Experimental & Innovation

iPhone top-200 free education app

iPhone top-30 grossing education app 1

iPad top-300 free education app


Adblock Fast

Opera featured extension

SXSW Interactive Innovation Awards finalist

iPhone top-1,000 free app

iPhone top-50 free utility app

iPhone top-500 grossing utility app

iPad top-100 free utility app

iPad top-300 grossing utility app

Google featured app

Android top-1,000 free app

Android top-200 free, new app

Android top-40 free productivity app

Android #4 free, new productivity app



Product Hunt top-10 product of the day

iPhone top-1,000 free app

iPhone top-1,000 grossing app

iPhone top-40 free productivity app

iPhone top-20 grossing productivity app


Werd Derp

Apple featured app

iPhone top-20 paid social-networking app

iPhone top-500 grossing social-networking app

iPad top-20 paid social-networking app

iPad top-200 grossing social-networking app


Costume Stickers

Apple featured app

iPhone top-300 paid photo & video app

iPhone top-1,000 grossing photo & video app

iPad top-100 paid photo & video app

iPad top-400 grossing photo & video app


Meme Stickers

iPad top-400 free social-networking app


AR Tool Belt

iPhone top-1,000 paid app

iPhone top-100 paid utility app

iPhone top-500 grossing utility app


Image Search Keyboard

Product Hunt #4 product of the day

iPhone top-1,000 free utility app



1. App ranking data is for US & from Sensor Tower